Born in the Deep South swamplands and smuggled to NYC as a child The Heathens background has been shrouded in mysticism and mystery. All that's known about his youth is that he earned his scars in the back alleys and docks of old New York, where your experience is measured in the scars earned in staking ones claim to life. He was trained in eastern arts at a young age and had shared the stage with members of Killing Joke, Sex Gang Children, Spear Of Destiny and countless U.K gothic and industrial groups, as well as groups in NYC... Heathen remains cloaked in mystery by choice, but has lent his hand to writing and composition, as well as production and spends equal time doing both. Stationed in Berlin, but mobile, he brings the power of the sky to any percussive contribution and has been known to make it rain during certain ceremonial rhythmic incantations... He has been quoted as saying that he is more in line with the spirits of wolves and shaman over most western leanings. The tools of his chosen trade seem to be from the late 70's, preferring pieces from that era in artisan building, using slingerland drums to evoke the skies harvest. He has shown to be quite skilled in many forms of modern programming and Studio wizardry. He was raised by wolves and brings that ferocity to his craft. Some say he was born of shadows and others say he was molded by nightmares but when he touches a drum it spits fire. The Heathen honed his craft through years of touring, studio recording and travel, studying the rhythms of the world from Central Asia, where he spent years learning about the mystic laws of rhythmic alchemy and then on to the dark continent where he delved deeper into the laws of spiritual pulse, the earth tones and chords of enlightenment.